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Ordering custom manufactured items can often leave companies in the dark. Frequently, companies don’t receive the product they thought they were getting. Print Resources TN is the company to trust for ordering custom manufactured products. The staff here is highly trained to work with you in turning your ideas into reality with production ready specs that produce the finish piece that exactly meets your expectation. We are rooted in integrity and experience to make sure we eliminate delays and mistranslations that may lead to costly mistakes.

Print Resources will work with you from your sketch to the arrival of your product. We will make sure that the renderings turn into a correct sample and that the sample turns into the correct product. We have direct contact with inspectors that help navigate quality control and testing requirements from agencies like the FDA and FCC. We also stay with you from the shipping of the product from overseas, the delivery into the port, the clearing of customs, and the delivery to your business.

Print Resources TN has already worked with brand name liquor companies, Major Record Labels, and brand name Food and Beverage companies. We have manufactured items from lunch boxes, briefcases, custom wine boxes, clocks, toys, and much more. Please contact us so we may begin assisting you with selecting and designing your very own custom order product.