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Print Resources Tennessee (TN) has a simple Mission Statement: PRINTING.REALATIONSHIPS

This is the foundation on which our Company was started. We keep top-of-mind that our Clients demand two things. The first is premier customer service. There are printing companies everywhere you turn. Unfortunately, many only care about their own bottom line and not the Client that they are serving. Some only care about giving you the lowest price and not providing you with the customer service that you expect. Print Resources TN builds long term Relationships, not revolving door accounts. We serve virtually every type of business including Non Profits, Small Businesses, Universities, Large Record Labels, Brand Name Food and Drink Companies, Fortune 500 Companies, Professional Sport Teams- all people, like you, who want Timeliness, Quality and Value brought to every job. Print Resources TN consistently delivers on these expectations.

The second major consideration that has made Print Resources TN so successful, is being a one stop shop. We have many clients that want a printed piece to go inside a merchandise piece and mailed out; an array of promotional items to match with a multiple drop, or for Print Resources TN to design, print, package and fulfill a wide range of projects. Instead of getting six invoices from six different companies, you get one from us. We take great pride in getting you what you want, how you want it, when you want it.

We are located in the heart of Tennessee and serve the state, region and country. Please take a close look at the services that we provide. Then, please let us take a close look at your printing needs. It’s the first step in developing the kind of Relationship you’ve been looking for. I will personally look forward to hearing from you.

Austin R. Casselman
President, Print Resources Tennessee